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  /    /  Headphones  /  Baseus Encok H06 lateral in-ear Wired Earphone

Baseus Encok H06 lateral in-ear Wired Earphone


Baseus Enock H06 lateral in-ear wire Earphone Black

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Product description

Our Encok H06 lateral earphones represent a slightly different style to the H04 model and also feature some upgrades in their design and composition.

The lateral design has been designed to offer supreme comfort to the wearer without fear of the earphones inconveniently falling out. With a 60 degree bevel angle and 6mm depth the dimensions have been perfectly formed to provide a slight tilt, designed to block out unwanted environmental noise whilst at the same time remaining securely in place.

Each earpiece benefits from 3 separate sound holes which have been specially positioned to create a subtle three dimensional effect.
High resolution diaphragm provides powerful bass effects
Upgraded electroacoustic conversion device softens the treble, as opposed to it being sharp
A noise reducing net provides a mellow mid-range.
Upgraded 13mm moving coil unit
The cable has been manufactured using Armour Mainline woven wire and TPE for an ultra hard-wearing and durable finish.
An inbuilt smart remote allows for easy control of music and calls.
Compatible with 3.5mm devices.


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