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  /    /  Laptops & Tablets  /  Apple MacBook Pro 13″ MYD92 – Apple M1 Chip 08GB 512GB SSD

Apple MacBook Pro 13″ MYD92 – Apple M1 Chip 08GB 512GB SSD


Apple MacBook Pro 13″ MYD92 – Apple M1 Chip 08GB 512GB SSD 13.3″ Retina IPS LED Display With True Tone Backlit Magic Keyboard & Touch ID & Force Touch TrackPad (Space Gray, 2020)


Product description

Apple MacBook Pro MYD92 in Pakistan can be considered as one of the finest daily driver laptops 2020. With enhanced processing architecture, exterior build, and the latest magic keyboard, the new MacBook 2020 secures its position as one of the top priorities for professionals and highly stated business people.

Suppose you are looking for a decent daily companion that is capable of handling most of your tasks with incredibly fast performance along with smooth and reliable efficiency. In that case, the new MacBook Pro 13 MYD93 Space Grey is the only thing you will be looking forward to.

Apple M1 Chip Processor

The newest MacBook Pro MYD92 features the latest Apple’s M1 chipset that provides tremendous performance in executing regular tasks. This specific M1 chip has been designed specifically for Apple’s all-new MacBook 2020 series. It is capable of delivering incredible performance, custom technologies, and the ultimate power efficiency solutions. The M1 chipset offers a powerful 8-core CPU as well as an 8-core GPU for seamless performance with high efficiency. Whether you are stuck in your regular office work or delivering your ideas in the form of a presentation, the new MacBook MYD92 provides more than what you expect from it.

13.3-inch Retina Display

Apple never disappoints its users in terms of the high-quality display along with outstanding color contrasts. Like every time in the past, the new Apple MacBook MYD92 in Pakistan delivers a 2560 x 1600 pixel display that is still considered the best display you can get on a 13-inch laptop. Although 4k is not supported in this display, you can get a brighter and sharper display panel that can be great for watching videos, editing photos and videos, or even doing some simple tasks.

As far as the brightness levels are concerned, the latest Apple MYD92 Mac Pro offers a brightness level of around 500 nits, which is more than enough if you prefer using your system under the sun and in bright outdoors. As compared with its rivals, the laptop easily beats its competitors, which also offers a 4K display (300 nits) and 400 nits.

Along with providing such brilliant features, The Apple laptop in Pakistan also gives an edge when it comes to producing excellent color saturation and accuracy, thus, resulting in a better visual experience.

RAM and Storage

To let all the tasks being performed efficiently, The brand new MacBook Pro MYD92 in Pakistan offers a massive 8 GB of RAM that eases the processing and increases the overall speed of task execution, providing you the tasks performed within a blink of an eye.

If you look forward to increasing the RAM’s overall capacity, you can also upgrade it to 16 GB.

Along with such impressive specifications, the MacBook Pro 2020 also features 512 GB of fast Solid State Drive. It’s SSD still is considered one of the fastest SSDs in the market, giving the best booting and processing speeds. With twice the amount of size compared to its other variants, Apple MacBook Pro 13 MYD92 offers viable options to store all your precious data, files, and media and make your laptop faster, quicker, and more efficient in terms of performance.

Magic Keyboard

One of the main selling points for this year’s Apple Laptop in Pakistan can be the revolution of its keyboard. Apart from being a regular butterfly keyboard, this time, the new laptop has the magic keyboard that redefines its worth. These distinctive keyboards are equipped with a traditional rubber dome layout and a more modern keycap structure that distinguishes it from its predecessors. The new keyboard structure of this system makes it easier and more comfortable to write than before and hence, improves the overall typing user experience

This new breed of Apple Laptops 2020 series has specifically been designed for the people who prefer quality and performance above everything else. Its smooth, sleek design makes it one of the preferable choices for professionals, designers, engineers, and analysts.


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