Today's Deal: Super-smart, portable, Non-Woven Fabric Shoes Organizer by GoodsHouse at Rs. 999/- Only

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- Voucher valid from 28 August 2015 to 11 September 2015
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- Compact and modern design (scroll down to see more images)
- Portable: Can be carried anywhere
- Transparent waterproof brown fabric non-woven shoes storage box 12 grids PVC shoes box
- Foldable: Easy folding and can be folded flat to save more space
- Keeps shoes protected from dust, moisture, and pests
Place under a bed or a closet
- Color : brown
- Type: Folding non-woven fabric shoes box
- Size: 70 X 55 X 13 cm
- Delivery at door-step (see Fine Print)

Rs. 999

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The Deal

Running late and unable to find both pairs of the shoes you want to wear? DealOn Pakistan can fix that. Pakistan's first Argos-style on-line super market from the UK - GoodsHouse - is offering this incredible Non-Woven Fabric Shoes Organizer that will let you keep all your favorite pairs in an organized manner, easy to find whenever you need them. Buy this deal for just Rs. 999/-.

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The Company

GoodsHouse (GH) is Pakistan's first Argos-style and quality, international on-line supermarket with UK Investors. GH emphasizes high quality and definition at great price for its customers, without burdening them with showroom overheads etc that means the customer gets the best price!. GH has strong expertise in design, sourcing, manufacturing and retailing of a wide variety of products among which furniture and fixtures is a stong area of focus. It is GH mission to be Pakistan's largest on-line supermarket.


The Company

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